How Acadiana Landlords Can Help End Homelessness

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Do you own residential property? Are you wondering how you can help end homelessness? You have come to the right place!!

Providing affordable, safe, decent housing is critical as we work to end homelessness in Acadiana.

What is the solution to homelessness? Housing. Period. Simple.

Landlords can help by accepting payments from programs that offer rent subsidies. There are a number of programs that provide rent subsidies. The most well-known rent-subsidy program is the Section 8 program. But there are several others types of programs, operated with different guidelines.

Programs that subsidize rent pay at least a portion (and sometimes all) of the rent on behalf of the tenant. These payments are predictable and reliable. Therefore, with many subsidy programs, landlords can scratch tracking down rent payments off of their to-do lists.

The rent subsidization programs often have a case management component that supports the tenant’s ability to remain in housing. The case manager can serve as a liaison between the tenant and the landlord to increase overall communication. In situations where the tenant does pay a portion of the rent, the case manager can help ensure that the tenant pays their share of the rent.

Do you own multiple properties? Does it seem like one or more of them is always empty? Would you like to increase your occupancy rate? Consider partnering with ARCH to provide designated units that can be filled by agencies as they work to re-house people who are experiencing homelessness. Some landlords have discovered that lowering the rent on a unit (or a designated number or percent of units) to an affordable level and then allowing an agency to refer people to that unit for a subsidized housing program has actually increased their occupancy rate and their overall income. The dedicated unit(s) may have a lower monthly rent, but with consistent occupancy, the landlord’s profit increases.

Each time you rent a property at affordable rates and/or to those with rent subsidies, you end the homelessness of that person or family in Acadiana. It really is that simple. If we work together as a community to ensure that a family has access to affordable, safe, decent housing, then that family won’t be homeless.

We find housing. We end homelessness. One family, one person at a time.

For more information on how your rental properties can help end homelessness in Acadiana, contact Leigh Rachal, Executive Director of ARCH (

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