Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
Since December 2000, ARCH has utilized a homeless management information system (HMIS) called ServicePoint™ to connect all of the homeless providers in the region so client information and referrals can be exchanged electronically. An HMIS is an electronic data collection system that stores demographic and service information about persons who access the homeless services system in a Continuum of Care (CoC). The data collected by the HMIS can be used to understand the size, characteristics, and needs of the homeless population at the local, state, and national levels. ServicePoint™, created by Bowman Systems, is an intranet based SQL Database which has many capabilities including client management, shelter bed management, Information and Referral, and flexible reporting.

ARCH belongs to the statewide Louisiana State Network Data Consortium, LSNDC. As part of this statewide network, ARCH follows the polices and directions set by the LSNDC.  For more information about this statewide network, visit their website. http://www.lsndc.org

ARCH's current HMIS Administrator is Catholic Services of Acadiana.  The HMIS team is tasked with administering and monitoring the ServicePoint implementation, training users and maintaining both data quality and adherence to Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) data standards.  The team consists of:

  • Andrew Zegura, ARCH System Administrator and LSNDC State System Administrator. 
  • Elizabeth Lamond, HMIS Trainer and Resource Specialist
  • Alison Cruz, HMIS Data Analyst

All users of ServicePoint must receive a New User training before gaining access to the system.  As well, personalized training is available for current users who will be entering in data for a new project or who need assistance with a particular type of client or workflow. To schedule this training,  contact Elizabeth in the HMIS Office. 

As well, ARCH holds HMIS User Meetings every month except in December.  Usually, they are held at 10:30 am on the day of the ARCH General meeting, at that location.  If the day, time or location change, this will be noted in advance on the ServicePoint home page under Agency News

  • Please note: all agencies entering data into ServicePoint MUST send at least one user to this meeting, who will be expected to share information with the agency's other users. 


The documents below are available for trained ServicePoint users who need reminders or assistance with entering data for their project.

Entry, Update and Exit forms for CoC and PATH projects:

General Workflows:

Workflows for specific topics:

Workflows for specific agencies:

  • CSA - Stella Maris Workflow