Are you in crisis and need help?

As a Coalition, ARCH works with the local 211 directory to inform our community of available resources.

If you are in need of FOOD, HOUSING, or other emergency assistance, click HERE to search local and statewide resources.

To speak with someone today, call 232-HELP, our local resource directory and information and referral agency at 337-232-4357.



Winter 2016-2017 "Freeze Shelters" 

The following shelters will open additional space for those seeking shelter when the temperatures are forecast to drop to 32 degrees or below:


For Men - Salvation Army (212 6th St.) Check in for the evening begins at 3:30pm and is "first come, first serve." A current state-issued ID and a change of clothing is required. Individuals must be sober at check in. Check out is at 6:30am.

For Women and Children - Lighthouse Shelter ( 625 N. University Ave.) Women and Children must arrive by 7:00pm. Check out is at 8:00am. There are no requirements for entrance. 

New Iberia

For Men - New Iberia Homeless Shelter (307 Robertson St.) Men must arrive by 4:00pm. Check out is at 8:00am. A state-issued ID is required.


For Women - New Life Center (411 East Landry St.) Please call to let the shelter know you will be coming (337-948-3161) and plan to arrive by 5:00pm. Check out is at 9:00am. There are no requirements for entrance.