What is Coordinated Entry

A coordinated entry system is defined as a centralized or coordinated process designed to coordinate program participant intake, assessment, and provision of referrals. 

ARCH adopted Coordinated Entry policies and procedures to govern the operation of this process in the Acadiana region. Contact ARCH Executive Director for current ARCH CE policies.

The ARCH coordinated entry system covers all eight parishes of the Homeless CoC, is easily accessed by individuals and families seeking housing or services, is well advertised, and includes a comprehensive and standardized assessment tool known as the Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT).

Why Coordinated Entry

ARCH's primary goals for the coordinated entry process is that assistance be allocated as effectively as possible and that it be easily accessible no matter where or how people present.  Currently, Acadiana lacks the resources needed to meet all of the needs of people experiencing homelessness. This, combined with the lack of well-developed coordinated entry processes, can result in severe hardships for people experiencing homelessness. They often face long waiting times to receive assistance or are screened out of needed assistance. The ARCH coordinated entry process helps Acadiana prioritize assistance based on vulnerability and severity of service needs to ensure that people who need assistance the most can receive it in a timely manner. In addition, the coordinated entry process provides information about service needs and gaps to help ARCH plan future assistance and identify needed resources. You must attend an ARCH Coordinated Entry Training prior to participating in the assessment process.

Coordinated Entry Policy and Procedures

The following tools should be used when participating in the ARCH coordinated entry process:

Program Eligibility Chart

VI-SPDAT Assessment Tool Version 2.0

ARCH Diversion Tool

ARCH Homeless Verification Tool

Coordinated Entry Questions

HUD Definition of Homelessness and Record-keeping Requirements

HUD Eligibility by Component Chart

Defining Chronic Homelessness

HUD Notice CPD-16-11: Prioritizing Persons Experiencing Chronic Homelessness and Other Vulnerable Homeless Persons in Permanent Supportive Housing

Mainstream Services Screening Form - This form is intended to be completed for each participant at program entry in order to determine if the participant has all the mainstream benefits for which they are eligible, needs to apply for a benefit, and/or needs assistance applying for a benefit.

History of Homelessness and Housing Form

Disability Documentation for PSH